5 Workouts That Can Be Carried Out In The Pool

It is no secret that exercising is good. It can benefit the human body mentally, physically, and emotionally. But, sometimes exercise can be a real drag – except for an athlete or avid exerciser, of course.

Some people enjoy running, others enjoy lifting weights, and some enjoy yoga or pilates. But, what if none of that sounds appealing?

A fun and relaxing alternative for exercise is swimming. Of course, there are athletic and even Olympic swimmers, but burning calories can be as simple as just swimming in the backyard pool with the help of a pool builder in Billerica.

Swimming is a great way to burn calories, lose weight, and gain muscle all while still having fun and staying cool in the summer heat.

A few pool exercises to try this summer include:

1. Pool plank.

Planks are beneficial on land, but they get even better in the pool. Stand on the floor of the pool, then grab a “noodle” or “water log.” Next, grab the noodle with both hands - holding it vertically -, press the noodle down into the water and lean forward until reaching an even incline. Try to remain stable for at least 1 or 2 minutes.

2. Chaos cardio.

The pool takes jogging and cardio to a whole new level. Create several currents in the pool then run through them. This strengthens those core muscles used visit this web-site to power the body through the currents.

3. One-Legged Balance.

Balancing on land might be quite the challenge, but the weightlessness experienced in the pool can make it a fun exercise. Stand in waist-high water and lift one knee up. Then, place a noodle under that foot and balance. This uses core muscles to support the body and keep it steady.

4. Cardio/Resistance Combo.

Grab the noodle used for previous exercises and straddle it as if it were the saddle of a horse. Pedal around the pool as quickly as possible to get a great cardio workout. Take a rest and repeat.

5. Cardio Core Ball Running.

A beach ball is a must-have for just about any pool owner. Grab a beach ball, hold it straight out using both hands and run around the pool as quickly as possible. The resistance from the water against the ball will help strengthen core muscles, such as abs.

Rest for a few seconds then continue the exercise as many times as possible for the best workout.

Working out is much more fun when it is done by splashing in the pool rather than sweating at the gym. The resistance from the pool is a great Recommended Site way to get a strong cardio workout and increase the strength of core muscles.

Enlist the help of a pool builder in Billerica today to start exercising with a splash!

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